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Sep 23, 2021

As a tax practitioner during the revolving door of tax law changes this year, you might have asked yourself questions such as:

  • Can I bill my clients for PPP loan assistance?
  • How do I bill my clients for employee retention credit consultations?
  • How do I get my long-time clients to value and agree to pay for the high-quality services that I offer each year?

If any of the above apply, we have some tips. Loren Fogelman, a business coach for accounting professionals at Business Success Solution, provides some best practices on how to innovate your billing practices for the future.

 What you’ll learn in this episode

  • Low-value vs. high-value clients (2.07)
  • Ways that firms and practitioners can attract the right kind of clients (6.52)
  • How firms determine whether it is time to move on from a client relationship (9.18)
  • Step-by-step process to raise rates for existing clients (11.53)
  • How to determine package services and pricing (14.40)
  • The lowdown on timesheets and hourly rates (18.48)
  • Formula for best pricing (20.22)
  • How to handle situations when clients do comparison shopping with each other (24.10)
  • Four takeaways on clients’ perceptions of value (27.08)

AICPA resources

  • CPA Marketing Toolkit — These tools help you demonstrate your strength as a trusted adviser, assisting with all aspects of your clients’ financial situations.

Other resources

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